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Contains English writing originating from research results on the development of learning, measurement and evaluation of education, and education management.</p> Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (LPPM) Universitas PGRI Mahadewa Indonesia en-US Indonesian Journal of Educational Development (IJED) 2722-3671 <p>This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which permits use, sharing, adaptation, distribution and reproduction in any medium or format, as long as you give appropriate credit to the original author(s) and the source, provide a link to the Creative Commons licence, and indicate if changes were made. The images or other third party material in this article are included in the article's Creative Commons licence, unless indicated otherwise in a credit line to the material.</p> PENGARUH HARGA TERHADAP KEPUTUSAN PEMBELIAN KARTU PERDANA 3 YANG DIMEDIASAI OLEH PERILAKU KONSUMEN <p>Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menginvestigasi pengaruh harga terhadap keputusan pembelian kartu perdana, dengan mempertimbangkan moderasi perilaku konsumen. Meskipun telah banyak penelitian yang menyoroti hubungan antara harga dan keputusan pembelian konsumen, penelitian ini mengeksplorasi apakah faktor-faktor perilaku konsumen memoderasi hubungan tersebut dalam konteks industri telekomunikasi. Metode survei digunakan untuk mengumpulkan data dari responden yang merupakan pengguna potensial kartu perdana. Teknik analisis data yang digunakan adalah uji-t dengan uji interaksi <em>Moderated Regression Analysis</em>. Pengujian ini telah memenuhi persyaratan uji instrumen, uji asumsi klasik, dan uji kesesuaian model. Berdasarkan hasil pengujian diketahui bahwa harga berpengaruh signifikan terhadap keputusan pembelian dengan koefisien regresi sebesar 0,879 dengan signifikansi 0,004 &lt; 0,05 dan perilaku konsumen berpengaruh signifikan terhadap keputusan pembelian dengan koefisien regresi sebesar 0,684 dengan signifikansi 0,013 &lt; 0,05. Sedangkan harga yang dimoderatori oleh perilaku konsumen tidak berpengaruh signifikan terhadap keputusan pembelian dengan regresi nilai koefisien sebesar -0,023 dan signifikansi 0,112 &gt; 0,05 Dengan demikian variabel perilaku konsumen belum mampu memoderasi pengaruh harga terhadap keputusan pembelian.</p> Putu Diah Asrida Copyright (c) 4 4 Financial Management in Public Schools: Perspectives from Principals <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Compliance to the law and policies that govern public schools in South Africa is fundamental in ensuring effective and efficient use of school funds. Compliance can mitigate the role confusion between the respective duties of the school principal as the manager of the school and the School Governing Body (SGB). This aim of the study was to identify the gap on compliance from the principals’ point of view. The qualitative design with phenomenological approach was used, and data was collected by means of semi-structured interviews with purposefully sampled principals. The literature and findings reveal that many SGB chairpersons are still profoundly reliant on principals regarding financial decisions and management at schools. This indicates the perpetuation of role confusion where school principals regard themselves as accountable for school funds. Even though financial management challenges in public schools have been researched before, the study found that such challenges still occur and hamper effective financial management by both the principals and SGBs.</span></p> Gawie Schlebusch Matsolo Mokhampanyane Copyright (c) 4 4 DESIGNING A STICKER BOOK TO SUPPORT ENGLISH VOCABULARY OF ELEMENTARY STUDENTS <p>This study aims to design a creative-teaching and learning material to support students’ English vocabulary in the form of a book called <em>Sticker Book.</em> This research was conducted with a focus on the process of designing the product and developing the material in it. The research methodology applied in this study was Research and Development by Gall &amp; Borg (1983). The approach used in this research was adapted 3 stages out of ADDIE by Branch (2009), which covered <em>Analysis, Design, and Develop.</em> The participants of this study were 4<sup>th</sup> grade students of SD Negeri 64 Sungai Raya year 2023/2024 and an English teacher. This research used pre-observation, interview, document review, and evaluation checklist questionnaire to gain the data. Canva was used as the application in designing the product. The learning material in this product was developed according to the Kurikulum Merdeka (2022). In conclusion, the product and the materials in it have been well designed, validated, and in accordance to the target users.</p> Aura Sabila Copyright (c) 4 4 SAMPLE OF REFLECTIVE LEARNING MATERIAL USING QUIZZIZ FOR LEARNING NEWS ITEM TEXT <p>This manuscript&nbsp;This study aims to develop a reflective learning material of news item text for grade twelve students using Quizziz. This research was conducted with a focus on how the product was developed. The research methodology used was development research by David Jolly and Rod Bolitho (2011). The stages used in this research include, Identification, Exploration, Contextual Realization, Pedagogical Realization, and Physical Production. The participants in this study were 20 class XII students at SMA N 9 Pontianak and English teacher. This research used open-ended questionnaire and internal evaluation. Quizziz was used as the main media in creating this product. This product is made as a learning quiz that is in accordance with the TPACK teaching framework. In summary, the product as well as the materials have been well developed and in accordance with the learner needs.</p> Wahyu Firmansyah Copyright (c) 4 4 FUNCTIONALIZATION OF THE ROLE OF ACADEMIC ADVISORS IN STUDENT STUDIES AT THE TARBIYAH AND TEACHER TRAINING FACULTY OF UIN SULTAN MAULANA HASANUDDIN <p>Academic guidance is one of the success factors for students in completing their studies well and on time. The aim of this research is to find out what problems are faced by the Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty of UIN Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten regarding academic supervision, as well as to synthesize solutions to reinstate the role of academic supervisors. This research uses qualitative research methods, field research. The data collection methods used are interview and documentation methods. Data analysis uses the Miles and Huberman analysis model. The results of the research show that the problems faced by Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty UIN Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten are students who are less active, lack of communication between academic supervisors and students, lecturers who are difficult to find, not yet well programmed, lack of student initiative in raising problems and lecturer initiative in asking about developments. student. The solution offered in this research is to create and update academic guidance, socialization and digital platform guides.</p> Siti Ngaisah Vina Dwi Utami Mia Audina Helnanelis Helnanelis Copyright (c) 2024 Siti Ngaisah; Vina Dwi Utami; Mia Audina, Helnanelis Helnanelis 2024-02-28 2024-02-28 4 4 521 529 10.59672/ijed.v4i4.3600 SELF-ACTUALISATION AND COMPUTER SELF-EFFICACY AMONG THE PROFESSIONAL COURSES ACADEMICIANS: A CORRELATIONAL STUDY <p>The spreading use of technology will have repercussions on individuals’ Self-understanding and their belief in themselves concerning technology. Psychologists have studied these two major phenomena under the title Self-actualisation and Computer Self-efficacy. Multiple papers have been published on Self-actualisation and Computer Self-efficacy but minimum research has been explored concerning the association between Self-actualisation and Computer Self-efficacy. This paper is a maiden effort to study the association of Self-actualisation and Computer Self-efficacy among academicians of professional courses. An online and offline survey was carried out where the Self-actualisation Scale prepared by Kaufman, 2018 and the Computer Self Efficacy Questionnaire curated by Teo &amp; Ling Koh, 2010 was administered to the participants. The data was analysed using mean, standard deviation, standard error, and Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation. The results supported the preposition of a previous study, which suggested a relationship between technical competency and self-actualisation by placing technical competency under D-needs and Self-actualisation under B-needs of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Further exploration of the outcome was done concerning academicians followed by educational implications.</p> Hureen Wasifa Siddiqui Copyright (c) 4 4 AN ANALYSIS OF THE STUDENTS’ MOTIVATION TOWARD ENGLISH LEARNING IN ONLINE CLASSES <p>The purpose of this research is to describe the students’ motivation toward English learning in online classes and investigate the types of motivation of the students. The data in this study were collected through questionnaires and interviews. The participants in this study were 125 students of the English Language Education Study Program, Universitas Tanjungpura, batch 2020 and 2021, REG A and PPAPK class. The research findings revealed, that most of the students of the English Language Education Study Program, Universitas Tanjungpura, batch 2020 and 2021 have a high level of motivation toward English learning in online classes on both types of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic. The research findings showed that 94% of students are categorized as students with a high level of motivation, and the other 6% are categorized as students with a low level of motivation. Specifically, students are more extrinsically motivated than intrinsically with a total mean score for extrinsic motivation is 2.95 and for intrinsic motivation is 2.57. Several factors were found to influence students to have extrinsic and intrinsic motivation such as cost-effectiveness, accessibility, environment, career, facility, confidence, personal enjoyment, need, and preference. The findings of this research suggest pedagogical implications.</p> Eka Putri Wahyuni Yanti Sri Rezeki Wardah Wardah Copyright (c) 2024 Eka Putri Wahyuni, Yanti Sri Rezeki, Wardah Wardah 2024-02-28 2024-02-28 4 4 459 471 10.59672/ijed.v4i4.3576 ANALISIS BUTIR SOAL EVALUASI PEMBELAJARAN PANCASILA MENGGUNAKAN PROGRAM ANATES <p>In analyzing a question item, it is an obligation for every teaching staff to provide information to school institutions or students about the mastery and abilities that students have achieved in the material and skills in a subject that students have taken and carried out their achievements. learning. use of ANATES (Essay Test Analysis), an automatic analysis system used to analyze essay answers quickly and efficiently. This research discusses the application of ANATES in the analysis of essay questions in an educational environment. The anates program can be used by teachers as an evaluation tool in achieving learning goals. By using Anates, the test analysis process will become easier, faster and more accurate.</p> Syahharani Hasna Copyright (c) 4 4 DEVELOPMENT OF ONLINE - BASED BEGINNER JOURNALISM LEARNING MODULES <p>The aim of developing an online-based journalism training module is to determine the effectiveness of using the module to improve online news writing skills. The research uses the Dick and Carey model. The target of the research was a small group of 7 journalists, and a large group of 15 journalists. Test targets for novice journalists on the portal. The results of the small group test stated that it was good 50. Very good 48 and quite good 7. It was concluded that the module helped journalists write online news. In the large group test, the most statements were very good, there were 195. 26 statements were good and 4 statements were quite good. There are visible differences in the results of the small and large group choices. The results of small group tests are often selected as good statements. The results of the large group test after the revision of the module stated that many people chose very good. This means that the results of this trial after the module was revised were at a very good level, because 87 percent of the training participants chose statements in the very good category.</p> Rahimin Roni Muhammad Ali Indriyani Indriyani Copyright (c) 2024 Rahimin Roni, Muhammad Ali, Indriyani Indriyani 2024-02-28 2024-02-28 4 4 509 520 10.59672/ijed.v4i4.3568 School Literacy Policy as an Effort to Strengthen 21st-Century Skills <p>School literacy policy is one of the education policies that aims to improve students' literacy skills. Although in line with national education goals, the survey results show that the average literacy score of Indonesian students is still far below the average of OECD countries. This study aims to analyze school literacy policies by providing an in-depth understanding of school literacy policies and their contribution to 21st-century skills development, as well as providing solutions to improve the effectiveness and equity of policy implementation. This study used a Systematic Literature Review (SLR). Literature analysis shows that school literacy policies in Indonesia have increased, reflected in the growth of school libraries, the number of books, and the participation of teachers and students in literacy activities. However, challenges such as limited access to literacy resources and lack of student motivation in reading still need to be addressed. A deep understanding of the role of school literacy policy in developing 21st-century skills can make a positive contribution to national education in Indonesia. For future research, it is recommended to explore the impact of the use of technology in improving literacy in the school environment.</p> Milatun Nadifa Nadia Vina Zulvani Copyright (c) 4 4 THE USE OF INTEGRATED LEARNING MODEL IN INDONESIAN LANGUAGE: AN ANALYTICAL STUDY OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF LEARNING PROCESS IN THE MERDEKA CURRICULUM ERA <p>The usage of multiple learning approaches from the remains of the 2013 curriculum cannot be abandoned, especially in the period of Merdeka curriculum. This study builds teacher activities on integrated learning approaches, specifically in Indonesian language acquisition with short story writing material. The relevance of utilizing this model is considered as biased and not in line with the features of learning in the current period. The goal of this study is to demonstrate the efficacy of using an integrated learning in the Merdeka curriculum era. This research is revealed using a qualitative descriptive strategy. In the Merdeka curriculum age, the utilization of an integrated learning strategy for short story writing content is still relevant and aligned with student product objectives. Furthermore, the integrated learning model used by the instructor is effective and efficient, as indicated by the preparation for the organized learning evaluation and alignment with the learning objectives. It should be a source of worry and adaptation for other Indonesian language instructors who wish to continue working with integrated learning models that have the features of learning models in the Merdeka curriculum period.</p> Christanto Syam Chairil Effendy Martono Martono Yudhistira Oscar Olendo Zakarias Aria Widyatama Putra Copyright (c) 2024 Christanto Syam, Chairil Effendy, Martono Martono, Yudhistira Oscar Olendo, Zakarias Aria Widyatama Putra 2024-02-28 2024-02-28 4 4 530 537 10.59672/ijed.v4i4.3520 DEVELOPMENT OF DISCOVERY LEARNING-BASED STUDENT WORKSHEETS ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT MATERIAL FOR GRADE XI STUDENTS OF SMA NEGERI 1 TELUK DALAM <p>Education is a learning process for students to be able to know, evaluate and apply every knowledge gained from learning in class. Learning is defined as the process of interaction, stimulus and response of a person who is considered to have learned something if, he can show a change in behavior. Class XI students of SMA Negeri 1 Teluk Dalam revealed that students found it difficult to learn material about Economic Development in the learning process. Discovery learning is a model that directs students to find concepts through various information or data obtained through observation or experiment. Student activity sheets are a means to help and facilitate teaching and learning activities so that effective interaction between students and educators is formed. This research is a type of research and development (research &amp; development), which aims to develop products in the form of valid, practical, and effective problem-based learning Student Worksheets (LKPD). The results of the development of LKPD based on Discovery Learning on Economic Development material showed very valid results with an average value of 92.08%. The results of practicality by teachers with an average score of 3.48 practicality tests by students with an average score of 3.65 were declared very practical. Test the effectiveness of students during the learning process using LKPD based on Discoverry Learning on Economic Development material is categorized as very effective. The results of student motivation with an average score of 87.52% with a very high category, as well as student learning outcomes in the cognitive realm showed good results with an average score of 92.55 with A quality (Pass). The development of LKPD based on Discoverry Learning on Economic Development material is declared valid, practical and effective to improve student learning outcomes</p> Ni Putu Yuniarika Parwati I Gede Ratnaya Ni Putu Yuniarika Parwati Luh De Liska Indah Permatasari Lase Copyright (c) 4 4 DEVELOPMENT OF 4C SKILLS (CREATIVITY, CRITICAL THINKING, COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION) FOR PROSPECTIVE TEACHER STUDENTS OF THE FACULTY OF TEACHER TRAINING AND EDUCATION (FKIP) PGRI MAHADEWA UNIVERSITY INDONESIA WITH A PROJECT BASED LEANING APPROACH <p><em>The aim of this research is to determine the application of the project-based learning (PjBL) approach in developing 4C skills student teacher at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) PGRI Mahadewa University Indonesia. This research uses a research and development (R&amp;D) approach with a pre-experimental model design that includes an experimental group and a control group. Data collection was carried out through observation, interviews and questionnaires. The results of data analysis show that the implementation of PjBL is effective in increasing students' creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills. These results will provide an active contribution to the development of the FKIP Universitas PGRI Mahadewa Indonesia curriculum, and not only provide a basis for incorporating PjBL into teaching strategies, but also increase students' understanding of the importance of 4C skills in the educational environment and also increase understanding.</em></p> Gede Ratnaya Ni Wayan Widi Astuti Ni Luh Putu Yesy Anggreni Ni Luh Putu Cahayani Copyright (c) 4 4 DEVELOPMENT OF GOOGLE SITES-BASED COUNSELING GUIDANCE INFORMATION SERVICES ON BULLYING <p>Bullying has begun to occur in schools in big cities and in remote villages. However, many students do not yet realize whether they have experienced bullying or are even the perpetrators of bullying. This development aims to produce guidance and counseling information services that contain material regarding bullying using Google Sites and fulfill the elements of conceptual, theoretical and practical feasibility. Apart from that, this development is also expected to provide an overview of the creation of information media about bullying, as well as assessing the usefulness of the media for students. This research method uses the Research and Development (R&amp;D) method. The development model adapts the ADDIE concept, namely Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. To assess the validity of this product, a feasibility test was carried out on experts, a media expert feasibility test obtained a percentage of 85.56% and a material expert feasibility test obtained a percentage of 92.5% and a product trial on teachers obtained a result of 83.52% and a product trial on the student got a result of 81.25%. Thus, it can be concluded that this media is suitable for use as an information service for guidance and counseling on bullying.</p> Marmi Dwi Ismanto Ilham Ilham Akhmad Habibi Copyright (c) 2024 Marmi Dwi Ismanto, Ilham Ilham, Akhmad Habibi 2024-02-28 2024-02-28 4 4 472 482 10.59672/ijed.v4i4.3503 DEVELOPMENT OF BUSINESS PLANNING LEARNING VIDEOS FOR STUDENTS OF SMKN 1 MUARO JAMBI <p>To foster interest in entrepreneurship, vocational school students need to be taught about business planning. This business planning material is packaged in the form of learning videos so that learning can achieve maximum results.</p> <p>The aim of this research is to describe the planning, design and development of learning videos, assess the theoretical, conceptual and practical feasibility of learning videos, describe peer responses and describe the attractiveness of business planning learning videos. The research method used is Research and Development. The research subjects were class X BDP students at SMKN 1 Muaro Jambi. The development model that is used as a reference is the Trollip and Allesi (2001) development model with the stages of Planning, Designing and Developing. The research results show that the material expert validation results are 96% in the very feasible category. And the media expert validation results were 85% in the very feasible category. And the teacher's response was obtained with a score of 90% in the very appropriate category. Then the field trial obtained a score of 91.5% in the very high category. So the business planning learning video is suitable for use by students of SMKN 1 Muaro Jambi as an interesting learning media with a score of 89.7%.</p> Ervina Pedry Sofyan Sofyan Ilham Ilham Copyright (c) 2024 Ervina Pedry, Sofyan Sofyan, Ilham Ilham 2024-02-28 2024-02-28 4 4 438 450 10.59672/ijed.v4i4.3502 Dampak Psikologis Nikah Muda <p style="font-weight: 400;"><em>Abstrak</em>: Marriage at a young age has a significant impact on the mental well-being of husband and wife, including biological, psychological, social and economic disorders. Lack of mental readiness, environmental influences, and other factors trigger problems in early marriage. This marriage is often associated with failure to fulfill their role as husband or wife, domestic conflict, and negative impacts on reproductive health. Economic factors, education and the social environment also play a role in the occurrence of early marriage in Indonesia.</p> <p style="font-weight: 400;">The issues faced, such as risks to reproductive health and immature husband and wife relationships, show the full extent of this problem. Therefore, a holistic approach involving community support, sex education and economic empowerment is important in overcoming the negative impacts of young marriage. Mental preparation before entering marriage is the key to reducing risks and building a stronger foundation for the continuation of the marriage. Recommendations focus on concrete steps to create a more mentally prepared society and provide a stronger foundation for the continuation of marriage.</p> <p style="font-weight: 400;"><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p style="font-weight: 400;"><em>Abstrak</em>:Pernikahan pada usia muda menimbulkan dampak yang signifikan pada kesejahteraan mental pasangan suami dan istri, mencakup gangguan biologis, psikologis, sosial, dan ekonomi. Kurangnya kesiapan mental, pengaruh lingkungan, serta faktor-faktor lainnya menjadi pemicu permasalahan dalam pernikahan usia dini. Pernikahan ini sering terkait dengan kegagapan dalam menjalani peran sebagai suami atau istri, konflik rumah tangga, dan dampak negatif terhadap kesehatan reproduksi. Faktor ekonomi, pendidikan, dan lingkungan sosial juga berperan dalam terjadinya pernikahan usia dini di Indonesia.</p> <p style="font-weight: 400;">Isu-isu yang dihadapi, seperti risiko terhadap kesehatan reproduksi dan tidak matang nya hubungan suami istri, menunjukkan lengkapnya permasalahan ini. Oleh karena itu, pendekatan holistik yang melibatkan dukungan komunitas, pendidikan seks, dan pemberdayaan ekonomi menjadi penting dalam mengatasi dampak negatif pernikahan usia muda. Kesiapan mental sebelum memasuki pernikahan menjadi kunci untuk mengurangi risiko dan membangun dasar yang lebih kokoh bagi kelangsungan pernikahan. Rekomendasi berfokus pada langkah-langkah konkret untuk membentuk masyarakat yang lebih siap secara mental dan memberikan dasar yang lebih solid bagi kelangsungan pernikahan.</p> Latifah aini Yusuf Copyright (c) 4 4 Strategi untuk Meningkatkan Intelegensi pada Anak <p><strong>Abstrak</strong></p> <p><strong>Latar Belakang</strong> : di zaman yang semakin maju dapat memengaruhi kecerdasan pada anak. Kecerdasan ini terus berkembang dan tumbuh dari mulai di kandungan sampai saat ini. Strategi ini berfokus pada teori Howard Gardner tentang multiple intellegences. Multiple intellegences adalah kemampuan untuk melihat secara deskriptif bagaimana individu menggunakan kecerdasannya untuk menyelesaikan masalah dan beradaptasi dengan lingkungan. <strong>Tujuan</strong> : untuk mengetahui dan memberikan strategi yang tepat untuk meningkatkan kecerdasan pada anak menurut teori Howard Gardner tentang multiple intellegences. <strong>Metode</strong> : metode yang digunakan dalam artikel ini adalah tinjauan literatur atau studi pustaka yang terdapat dalam jurnal dan buku dalam bentuk e-book. Dengan mencari literatur yang relevan dengan judul yang telah ditentukan serta mencantumkan referensi yang sudah didapat. <strong>Hasil</strong> : terdapat 9 kecerdasan menurut Howard Gardner untuk meningkatkannya dibutuhkan beberapa cara. Cara tersebut tidak akan maksimal tanpa adanya perang dari orang tua, guru, dan pemerintah. Selain itu lingkungan juga berperan penting. <strong>Kesimpulan dan saran</strong> : kesimpulan dari artikel ini ialah berfokus pada strategi meningkatkan kecerdasan dan peran lingkungan sekitar. Sarannya ialah agar pembaca dapat menginterpretasikan artikel ini di kehidupan nyata supaya anak-anak memiliki kemampuan sesuai minat bakat.</p> <p><strong>Kata kunci</strong> : strategi, multiple intellegences, anak, peran.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Abstract</strong></p> <p><strong>Background</strong> : in increasingly advanced times, it can affect children's intelligence. This intelligence continues to develop and grow from birth until now. This strategy focuses on Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Multiple intelligences is the ability to see descriptively how individuals use their intelligence to solve problems and adapt to the environment. <strong>Objective </strong>: to find out and provide appropriate strategies for increasing intelligence in children according to Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. <strong>Method </strong>: The method for writing this article is a literature review or literature study contained in journals and books in e-book form. By searching for relevant literature with the specified title and including the references that have been obtained. <strong>Results</strong> : There are 9 intelligences according to Howard Gardner. Several methods are needed to increase them. This method will not be optimal without war from parents, teachers and the government. Apart from that, the environment also plays an important role. <strong>Conclusions and suggestions</strong> : the conclusion of this article is to focus on strategies to increase intelligence and the role of the surrounding environment. The suggestion is that readers can interpret this article in real life so that children have abilities according to their interests and talents.</p> <p><strong>Keywords</strong> : strategy, multiple intelligences, children, roles.</p> Hasna Fadhilah Khosim Copyright (c) 4 4 PENINGKATAN MOTIVASI BELAJAR MELALUI MODEL PEMBELAJARAN KOOPERATIF TIPE TEAMS GAMES TOURNAMENT PADA PEMBELAJARAN TEMATIK DI KELAS III SDN PONDOK KELAPA 05 JAKARTA TIMUR <p>This research aims to increase students' learning motivation in thematic learning in class III elementary schools through the TGT (Teams Games Tournament) type cooperative learning model at SDN Pondok Kelapa 05 Pagi, East Jakarta. The research will be carried out in the odd semester of the 2023/2024 academic year</p> Hayati Ardiani Copyright (c) 4 4 An Analysis of Figurative Language in Cinderella (1950 Soundtrack) Album <p>The researcher attempted to identify the types of figurative language and their meanings found in the Cinderella (1950 soundtrack) album. In this study, the researcher and tables served as the instrument, which employed the descriptive qualitative method. This study was chosen four of the twelve songs of the album. Based on Perrine’s theory (1997), the figurative language in the songs was divided into twelve categories. The song’s figurative meaning was then examined by combining contextual and co-textual meanings. Based on twelve types of figurative language, the results indicated that only eight of them—Apostrophe, Hyperbole, Irony, Metaphor, Personification, Simile, Synecdoche, and Symbol—appeared. And 25 occurrences of figurative language were discovered in total. Personification and hyperbole were the most common types with an equal number of six. The least frequent were simile and irony, which both only occurred once. In the meantime, the four figurative language categories of paradox, understatement, metonymy, and allegory were nonexistent. Figurative language was used to create a balance between the song’s artistic of value and complexity, making it a lovely and entertaining. Additionally, the figurative language was enhanced and poetic effects were added to the lyrics based on the meanings discovered throughout the research, thus creating an appropriate dramatic effect for the movie. The results also showed that the songs on the Cinderella (1950 soundtrack) album were appropriate for a family and free of any potentially negative meanings.</p> Sherin Copyright (c) 4 4 STUDENTS’ PERCEPTION OF LITERATURE AS A TEACHING STRATEGIES IN ENRICH THE EFL STUDENTS’ VOCABULARY <p>This study set out to find out what the students thought about using literature as a teaching approach to increase the vocabulary of EFL students. In order to learn what students think about using literature as a teaching approach to boost students' EFL vocabulary, this research employs interviews and a quantitative descriptive design.Thirty EFL students who teach English at Universitas Islam negeri Fatmawati Sukarno Bengkulu (UINFAS) are the participants in this study that consist of 9 male and 21 female students. Through stratified random sampling, they were chosen. Additionally, seven English lecturers from the Al-Ain district—two men and five women—were specifically selected to participate in the group interview. The data were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. Quantitative data were through percentage, frequency and mean scores, while qualitative data through thematic analysis. The interview findings revealed ten questioners of Literature. Based on the findings, because literature aided in the English teaching and learning process, most teachers were in favor of using it in the classroom. It indicates that the use of literature in EFL classrooms was well-received by the students.</p> Ari Andre Rianyansa Copyright (c) 4 4